Historic Meeting of State Appraiser Organizations

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Representatives of several independent state professional appraiser organizations met in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday October 11th, to further discuss collaboration on issues affecting their membership. The network, which started as a conversation among three State appraiser organizations less than a year ago, now comprises 16 such State Organizations which is expected to continue growing.

The group, which functions as a network rather than a formal organization is unique in its focus and operation. The network has no single elected leader but is comprised of leaders from each participating state organization; it is self-governing by consensus. Participating organizations do not pay dues and market no products. The network has a single overarching purpose: to improve and elevate the appraisal profession.

Each State Organization maintains individual autonomy and focus on its own specific issues. Participants share data, assist each other with organizational matters and support each other on state issues when historical experience, or current activism is most useful, and work together on national issues where their geographic diversity provides a unique strength and influence.

The network does not view itself as a competitor to the existing well-respected national organizations, but intends to establish both a responsible national voice and professional credibility as stakeholders. The key distinction is that this network is composed of independent state level members who are researching, developing, and presenting positions that have been vetted and approved by each state level organization signing correspondence. This means that the combined membership, collectively one of the largest in the nation, supports by consensus the positions being presented. Individual state organizations who choose for whatever reason to not participate in a specific correspondence or position paper are free to not add their signature.

The meeting was historic in that participants, who had never met face to face before, but had collaborated together only by conference call and e-mail, know of no other similar national initiative. “We are working with each other in close cooperation for one reason - to better our profession”, said meeting participant Charles Gress President of the Ohio Coalition of Appraiser Professionals (OCAP). “We are doing this by grass root efforts to develop representation from all 50 States.”

Peter J. Gallo, President of Home Sight, a Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting firm had this to say, “the development of state appraisal organizations around the country has made it possible to now have real communication among the grassroot leadership in an effective way.  It has always been difficult to spread grassroot ideas and get the message to where it needs to be with any kind of efficiency.  We now have representatives of large groups of appraisers talking directly with each other and sharing news, legislative efforts and strategies.  As there is no formal structure or procedures, we can fixate on issues without worrying about internal politics or membership which can often sidetrack larger efforts.”

For information contact Peter Gallo at 704-752-6252 or peterg@homesightllc.com

The following state organizations have ratified the Press Release: 

Appraiser’s Coalition of Washington 
Arizona Association of Real Estate Appraisers 
California Coalition of Appraiser Professionals 
Georgia Coalition of Appraisal Professionals 
Idaho Coalition of Appraisal Professionals 
Illinois Coalition of Appraisal Professionals 
Maryland Association of Appraisers 
Mississippi Coalition of Appraisers 
North Carolina Real Estate Appraiser Association 
Ohio Coalition of Appraiser Professionals 
Oklahoma Professional Appraisers’ Coalition 
South Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition 
Virginia Coalition of Appraisal Professionals 
West Virginia Council of Appraiser Professionals

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